The Harp and Harpist
The harp is considered one of the most beautiful and exotic of all
musical instruments. Unique to itself in the world of music, it has
become very popular and can be seen at all kinds of events. Today there is
more musical variety being played on the harp than ever before.

Herein is a little background on one of the world's oldest and loveliest
There are many types of harps, such as the Irish or Celtic folk models which
stand up to 4 feet high and have up to 36 strings. Historically these harps
were carried from village to village and into the courts of kings by Scottish
and Irish bards who "sang the news". The Paraguayan, which is taller,
is distinctive in its styling as well as the Latin music played on it.
The full size concert harp, which is used in orchestras, is the most versatile.
The design and intricate mechanics of the concert harp allow the harpist to
achieve the wide variety of musical effects unique to this Instrument. These
harps stand almost 7 feet tall, have 47 strings, and weigh up to 90 lbs.
They must be regulated yearly and tuned each time they are moved. Special handling
is required to transport a concert harp. With all this complexity, the concert
harp offers much to both musician and listener.

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